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16:58-- Yusum: Adjustments to Legendaries in 7.2, Flying Achievement, Dev Q&A, Build of the Month - «odkaz click»
12:56-- Yusum: Mythic +24 Eye of Azshara, Patch 7.2 - New Tabards, Blue Posts, TESO: Morrowind - «odkaz click»
4:12-- Yusum: The Nighthold Opens This Week - «odkaz click»
10:45-- Yusum: Upcoming Class Tuning Hotfixes, Patch 7.1.5 Hotfixes - Jan 13, Blue Posts, DLC #567 - «odkaz click»
8:01-- Yusum: Mass Effect 2 na Originu ZDARMA «odkaz click»
6:41-- Yusum: A big news day as we also finally get official word that the Illidan quest chain is NOT i any way connected to the legendary upgrade system coming with Nighthold.
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21:00-- Yusum: Patch 7.1.5 Arrives on January 10 - «odkaz click»
19:21-- Yusum: Blizzard Celebrates 20 Years of Diablo
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19:58-- Yusum: Raid Tuning and Nighthold Release Date, Prestige Bug - «odkaz click»
19:58-- Yusum: Blizzard has announced the release date for Nighthold!
Normal/Heroic: 17 January NA, 18 Jan EU
Mythic (estimated): 24 January NA, 25 Jan EU
19:55-- Yusum: D3 - Season 8 Ends Dec 30th, S9 Starts Jan 6th!

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19:53-- Yusum: Winter Veil 2016, Blizzard Holiday Activity, Developer Communication, Blue Tweets - «odkaz click»
9:41-- Yusum: Mythic+ 20 Darkheart Thicket, Volunteer Guard Day, Blue Tweets, DLC #563 - «odkaz click»
4:45-- Yusum: Patch 7.1.5 PTR - Build 23194 - «odkaz click»
4:39-- Yusum: Call of the Scarab, Tavern Crawl, Blue Posts, Blue Tweets, WoW on Conan - «odkaz click»
4:36-- Yusum: Learn how to replicate Sombra's signature smoky look with these simple steps from Glam&Gore—no hacks required!
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4:35-- Yusum: 39 Things about Patch 7.1.5 «odkaz click»
4:30-- Yusum: 39 Things About Patch 7.1.5 | World of Warcraft
More on 7.1.5: «odkaz click»
6:12-- Yusum: Patch 7.1.5 PTR - Build 23178 - «odkaz click»
15:56-- Yusum: Trial of Valor Hotfixes, Secondary Stat Changes, Artifact Knowledge, DLC #561 - «odkaz click»
19:23-- Yusum: World Boss - Nithogg, Cataclysm Timewalking, Blue Posts, Tweets, FinalBoss - Mages - «odkaz click»
7:44-- Yusum: Patch 7.1.5 PTR - Build 23109 - «odkaz click»
17:20-- Yusum: The Soultakers, World Quest Bonus Event, Mythic Helya, Blizzard Gear Black Friday - «odkaz click»
10:35-- Yusum: BlizzCon Interview, Increased Mythic Keystone Rewards, Nov 8 Hotfixes, Q&A, Reinhardt - «odkaz click»
16:35-- Yusum: Upcoming PvP Balance Changes, Appear Offline, Blue Tweets, DLC #558 - «odkaz click»
4:44-- Yusum: October 28 Hotfixes, Darkmoon Faire and New Merchandise, Series 3 Pins, DLC #557 - «odkaz click»
4:42-- Yusum: The battle pet community has discovered how to unlock the new Talon's Vengeance faction! You must first complete a falcosaur pet questline and acquire the matching mount. «odkaz click»
4:37-- Yusum: Arms Warrior Hidden Artifact Appearance, Talon's Vengeance Faction Unlocked, Tweets - «odkaz click»
6:17-- Yusum: Oct 26 Hotfixes, Blue Posts, BlizzCon Arena, BlizzCon Contest Host, WoW Traveler Book - «odkaz click»
6:21-- Yusum: Patch 7.1 Survival Guide, Darkwater Skate, Submit BlizzCon Questions, Blue Posts - «odkaz click»
5:10-- Yusum: Patch 7.1 on the Background Downloader, Rockspine Basilisk, 7.1 Solo Content - «odkaz click»
15:08-- Yusum: Arcanist's Manasaber Mount, Trial of Valor Testing, Blue Posts, Blizzard Art Contest - «odkaz click»
3:58-- Yusum: Smoldering Ember Wyrm Mount, Blade's Edge Arena Update, Build of the Month, DLC #555 - «odkaz click»
13:22-- Yusum: Character Leveling Stats, Tweets, Blizzard and Diablo Anniversary Party at BlizzCon - «odkaz click»
3:41-- Yusum: How to acquire every new mount in WoW: Legion

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2:48-- Yusum: Withered J'im, Emerald Nightmare LFR, World Quest Event, Patch 7.1 PTR - Build 22731 - «odkaz click»

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